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Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, March, 2009

Ice Hockey Players Using a Weighted Implement When Training on the Ice: A Randomized Control Trial (pp. 54-61)

Timothy W. Stark, Bojan Tvoric, Bruce Walker, Dom Noonan, and Janeene Sibla

The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential for improving hockey players. performance using a weighted implement on the ice. Forty-eight players were tested using a grip strength dynamometer. They also were assessed on their abilities to stick-handle. The participants were randomly placed into a control or research group. The conditioning drills were performed for 10-15 min 3 days/week for 6 weeks. Use of the weighted implement resulted in a significantly enhanced grip strength endurance and stick-handling ability (p < .05). Using weighted implements prior to a regular ice hockey training session may be of benefit to young hockey players to enhance their grip strength endurance and stick-handling abilities.

Warning: these devices are NOT to be used for shooting - they are to be used for flat passing and stick handling only!

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