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Click a format to download a video of the XPuck in action.

White Drills (Level 1)
Drill 2: WMV  MPG  Drill 3: WMV  MPG 
Drill 8: WMV  MPG  Drill 10: WMV  MPG 
Drill 11: WMV  MPG  Drill 12: WMV  MPG 
Black Drills (Level 2)
Drill 1: WMV  MPG  Drill 6: WMV  MPG 
Drill 7: WMV  MPG  Drill 9: WMV  MPG 
Red Drills (Level 3)
Drill 4: WMV  MPG  Drill 5: WMV  MPG 
Visit again soon for more drills and further educational opportunities to give you that added EDGE!"
Warning: these devices are NOT to be used for shooting - they are to be used for flat passing and stick handling only!

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